‘First Moon Party’: Watch Hello Flo’s Hilarious, Unorthodox Ad [Video]

Hello Flo’s new viral video “First Moon Party” is a YouTube marketing hit. The tampon subscription service saw the same success last summer with the viral video “Camp Gyno.” This summer’s marketing video is aimed at mothers. “First Moon Party” is an equally amusing sequel to “Camp Gyno.” Last summer, a young teen was the first to start her period. This summer, one darling young lady is the last of her friends to experience her “first moon.” Not to be left behind in childhood as her friends are getting their first periods, the spunky teen character decides to fake it.

These teens apparently belong to a strange club that considers it cool to show off the evidence of a first period. Using her camera phone to her advantage, the girl creates a nail polish period stain on a pad to fabricate evidence of her womanhood, “Yeah, I got it. It’s… so… red.”

According to Ad Week, Hello Flo’s CEO Naama Bloom hired Jamie T. McClelland and Pete Marquis to write and direct the viral ad that has received over two million YouTube views. The marketing genius of this team resulted in a ridiculous situation where the mother pretends to believe her daughter, and calls her bluff. As payback for the sassy attitude her daughter gave her, the equally sassy mother throws her daughter an unexpected “first moon party.”

Huffington Post author Nina Bahadur wrote, “Goodbye, ladies prancing around in all-white linen outfits and weird blue liquid being poured on maxi pads. Hello, actually humorous tampon ads.”

Not everyone appreciates the humor of “First Moon Party.” Some claim the fictitious prank in “First Moon Party” was a humiliating experience for the girl, leaving other viewers to wonder if people actually mistook the marketing video for a real-life prank on a girl desperately seeking her Aunt Flo.