Cheryl Cole Heads Back To ‘The X Factor’ UK [Photo]

Cheryl Cole recently returned to the X Factor UK judges panel years after she was officially booted off the Stateside edition of the competition.

Although producers of the U.S. version of the show obviously didn’t want Cole on the panel, apparently things are a little different in the U.K. these days. According to the Daily Mail, Cheryl will return to the judge’s table this season. In fact, a recent promotional image from the program shows Cole seated right next to Simon Cowell.

Curious to see the lineup? Have a look at the image below.

Digital Spy reports that Cheryl Cole and Cowell have since mended their relationship following her departure from American version of The X Factor. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean Cole is willing to drop the subject. Cheryl and Simon are cool now, but she apparently has some not-too-friendly things to say about the U.S. show.

Although her recent interview with Elle magazine is still under wraps as of this writing, apparently Cole openly discussed her experience with The X Factor. The publication describes her chat as a “raw interview about betrayals by both friends and lovers.”

If you have any strong feelings about Cheryl Cole’s return to the singing competition, then she hopes you keep them to yourself. The Inquisitr previously reported that the X Factor judge has absolutely no patience for people who feel the need to spread hate on Twitter.

She recently told Bang Showbiz:

“Firstly, I only follow nice, positive people. Secondly, if someone takes the time to follow me and write a horrible comment, I just think, ‘Oh, loser, get a life’. What are you doing on my feed?’ So no, I’ve learnt not to take any notice, in this business you cannot. Twitter can be twisted by the media. I might write something and it can be taken completely out of context. But Instagram can’t be. I use it to tell my fans about what’s going on in my life and the things that I like.”

Are you surprised that Cheryl Cole came back for the UK version of The X Factor? Do you plan to check out her upcoming interview in Elle magazine?

[Top Image via the Mirror]

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