Cheryl Cole Gets Nothing But Love From Khloe Kardashian On Instagram

Cheryl Cole has apparently found a friend in Khloe Kardashian.

People with perhaps a little too much time on their hands began to wonder if the pair were developing a strong bond after they were recently spotted together at a Kanye West concert. If you desperately needed confirmation that Cole was hanging out with the reality TV star, then you can rest easy knowing that they’re quickly becoming good pals.

According to the Mirror, Khloe recently gushed about her newfound friend on Instagram. If Cheryl Cole doesn’t want to have anything to do with this particular Kardashian, then she probably needs to let someone know as soon as humanly possible. Obviously the reality TV star is completely smitten with the singer.

“Sometimes you meet people and you click instantly. Her beauty is more than skin deep… I love this lady’s spirit,” she captioned a recent photo. Check out the image in all its glory below.

Khloe better schedule some quality time with her new BFF while she can; Cole’s free time is reportedly about to disappear. Not only is she working on a brand new album, The Inquisitr previously reported that Simon Cowell is trying to lure Cheryl back to The X Factor UK.

According to reports, Cole was recently offered a cool $2.5 million to return as a judge on the singing competition. However, Cheryl is allegedly demanding that no other women appear on the panel with her.

“Cheryl is serious about rebuilding a ­relationship with the show. She wouldn’t travel across the Atlantic for the hell of it. She was very keen to hear what Simon’s vision is for the new series,” one source reportedly explained.

The insider added, “They’re still finalizing the other details but Cheryl made it clear she didn’t want to be pitched against another female again.”

However, Simon Cowell reportedly said that Cheryl Cole probably shouldn’t return to The X Factor since she has so many other options available to her at the moment.

“I think she’s crazy to even think about it,” Cowell told Unreality TV.

He added, “I’ll be honest, we both need to each other. She hasn’t been on TV for three years but she’s only got to peel an orange and she’s in the papers. She’s a good judge and that’s the most important thing. What she did with Cher LLoyd… well, I don’t think any other judge could have done that.”

If Cheryl Cole decides to skip out on The X Factor and hang out in Los Angeles, then at least she’ll have Khloe Kardashian to keep her company.

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