TNA News: TNA Letting Fans Decide If They Want To See The 6-Sided Ring Return

TNA Wrestling has been pretty bad for some time. However, unlike some companies, they are at least trying to listen to what the TNA fans have to say. They may or may not apply those fan thoughts, but they are at least listening to them. This is why it is always good to voice an opinion.

As I reported a while back, TNA was considering a move back to the 6-sided ring, asking fans on Facebook what they wanted to see….a 6-sided or classic 4-sided ring. At the time I wrote the article, the 6-sided ring was leading the Facebook votes by over 1,000. Now, fans are being asked the same question on their Facebook page. The votes for the ring can only be done there, so it’s worth casting your own.

Would TNA really go back to 6-sides? They have done this on special occasions such as the Destination-X event. The issue always came down the fact that TNA never wanted to go back to it fully. It seems that TNA is really considering the move as the Facebook post asked them to vote and the winner would get what they wanted. Thus far, 6-sides are winning. Many figured this was going to happen, and that is why at least 2 wrestlers in TNA have come out claiming they are not for the move back to 6-sides.

Ethan Carter III or EC3 and Austin Aries came out on Twitter to express their hate for the move, saying:

EC3: This is why democracy doesn’t work. You people should not have a voice when it comes to my well-being and safety.

Aries: So the people who don’t wrestle are letting people who don’t wrestle decide what I have to wrestle in? Great idea. My body, my vote.

Aries: What’s wrong with wrestling? Letting people who’ve never done it, and never put their bodies on the line, run the show.

It should be noted that neither man worked with TNA from the beginning. Aries had a very short stint with TNA years ago, similar to CM Punk. However, he left to stay with Ring of Honor. Meanwhile, EC3 came from WWE, where he played Derek Bateman for an extended period of time.

Also, the ring was picked out by Jeff Jarrett, a superstar wrestler who also had family in the business before him. So, it’s not as if this ring is unsafe or something along those lines as both men seem to suggest.

Aries came out later on to clarify that TNA would never put his safety at risk. This is what you call damage control.

The move to 6-sides seems to be happening and both guys pretty much assumed it as well. Before, when the idea was proposed, it seemed to simply be TNA’s way of getting attention. Now, an actual decision is going to be made regarding it. Now that 6-sides is leading yet again, one would imagine if TNA listened to it’s fans like they claim to be doing….6-sides will return full time.

It made TNA different years ago. Yes, 6-sides has been seen before. However, it has never been seen on a notable American promotion. That made TNA stand out from the moment you switched to them. You wondered what they could do with that very ring.

Wrestlers against it do have a point. The ring is smaller, and thus less forgiving than a classic ring. Also, running the ropes is a little different as you have to get used to less room around each side. TNA Originals seem to never have a problem with it, and anyone who came in before, like Christian or Kurt Angle seemed to do just fine with the ring.

So the ring is safe enough for wrestlers to wrestle in. It’s simply preference. TNA would not want to harm wrestlers, and TNA also knows that the ring is something their fans want to see back in the show each week. Clearly, TNA is not in the best of positions these days, so anything that might make the fans happy is worth a try.

IMG Credits: Google, Facebook