TNA News: TNA Set To Bring Back The Six-Sided Ring

While the WWE might be the land of giants and massive market appeal, TNA Wrestling has always been the home of the smaller man who could wrestle as good as or better than anyone in the world. The Founder of TNA, Jeff Jarrett, always wanted to come off as different compared to the rest of the wrestling world. He wanted to make that point clear the moment you came to the arena or switched the channel to a TNA event.

The way he did this was by having a six-sided ring. The ring was very unique and unlike anything in America, and potentially the world. TNA always set itself apart well in the beginning, but the biggest way they did so was by the marketing of a ring that was unlike anything you’d see in another company.

This made TNA stand out, and the fans loved the ring. WWE always stood out, but they could not compete with the market appeal of a ring that was so unique that you knew it was TNA the moment you were watching. With WWE, it was always the normal ring like anywhere else in the world. But TNA was different and exciting compared to the rest of the world.

When Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff came in, neither liked the idea of the ring. They felt that it was a bit too different. Due to this, TNA was given a normal ring and the six-sides were gone for some time. The fans initially hated it, and the true TNA fans have complained about the idea of losing it for some time.

The ring is what made TNA stand out before, and that is what could help TNA begin to set itself apart again. It seems TNA has started to figure that out as well, as they have asked fans via their official Facebook page if they liked the six-sided ring or the regular ring more. While the internet seemed to not get the instructions TNA left very well, they did manage to understand the concept enough to make sure their voice was heard.

At last count, the six-sided ring led the poll by more than one thousand votes. Obviously, it seems the TNA fans have spoken and want to see their favorite ring back full time. TNA has made it a custom to bring it back at least once a year for Destination-X. However, fans have begged for it to be back for good and TNA has yet to give it to them. Even former and current TNA talent have expressed their opinion to see it back again.

Could this be the time the TNA fan gets his or her way? TNA has made it a habit to not listen to fans for a long time now. However, it might be the time that they do that so that they actually see some success instead of great failures.

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