Facebook Went Down Globally

In an apparent glitch, Facebook went down in the early hours of the morning Thursday morning, and it looks like the outage was global. It seems to be working now.

All of a sudden, Facebook users were greeted with the message, “Sorry, something went wrong. We’re working on getting this fixed as soon as we can.”

According to Twitter feeds, users all around the globe were seeing the message on their Facebook feeds. Stories hit the internet of outages in the United States, UK, United Arab Emirates, and India, among other nations.

One News Page reports that the outage also applied to the Facebook “like” buttons, which are installed on a myriad of websites around the world, including most media outlets and blogs.

The glitch also affected apps on cell phones, including Androids.

According to the Mirror, Facebook has about 1.23 billion monthly users, and all appear to have been affected. This is not the first time that similar outages have happened.

Much to the relief of many, including this author, Facebook is back up now, after being down for approximately 20 minutes. You might have heard the collective sigh of relief.

There is no word yet as to the explanation for Facebook being down.

[image via screenshot]