Anna Kendrick Teases Group Sing In ‘Pitch Perfect 2’

Anna Kendrick likes to punch holes in her own ego – her Twitter account description bills her as “[p]ale, awkward and very very small,” and pleads with romantic admirers to “[f]orm an orderly queue, gents,” with an assumed twinge of sarcasm. It is with that same self-mocking tone that Kendrick is giving us some of the first glimpses into the filming of Pitch Perfect 2.

In the original film, Kendrick played a college freshman who joins a competitive a cappella group. While it’s to be assumed there will be at least one or two sing-a-longs in the upcoming pic, Kendrick’s recent shot of the cast in a “spontaneous late night rehearsal attempt” with the hashtag #ItllBeGreatOnTheDay is creating some buzz.

The recognizable cast members of Kendrick, Kelley Jakle, Rebel Wilson, Brittany Snow and Hana Mae Lee are joined by newcomer Hailee Steinfeld. New additions to the cast also include Katey Segal, who will play Steinfeld’s mother.

It was not Kendrick’s first tweet on the evolution of Pitch Perfect 2. May 11 she let her Twitter audience know: “First day of shooting! Yesterday we had to try to learn entire finale dance. #ChoreographyHangover.” A few days later, Rebel Wilson tweeted a cast pic, outfitted in Bellas gear:

Anna Kendrick is busy apart from her choreography-induced exhaustion on Pitch Perfect 2. She has just been tapped to play a princess named Poppy in a new DreamWorks Animation feature film, Trolls. The movie is based on the once-popular line of dolls.

She is Fast Company‘s June 2014 cover girl, and the magazine’s write up notes her Academy Award nomination for Up In The Air, and Tony nomination for a Broadway production of High Society at a mere 12 years old. That makes her the youngest Tony nominee in history.

An interesting side note about the enduring power of Pitch Perfect for Kendrick: the song “Cups” she performed in the movie was one of Billboard‘s top songs of 2013. The publication notes the quiet, steady rise of the song, which marks the fourth-longest ascent up the charts to the top 10 by a female singer’s track in the history of Billboard.

Meanwhile, Kendrick is still giving us news from production:

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the highly-anticipated sequel is set for May 2015 release.

[Left Image: Anna Kendrick/Instagram; Right Image: Universal Pictures]