Spider-Man Trial Finds Not So Amazing Spiderman Not Guilty

The Spider-Man trial was an interesting superhero battle because the alleged victim, who claims Spider-man slugged her, says the way she found the Spider-Man impersonator by his unique smell. But even if the woman has a super-sniffer, she apparently is not a lawyer in disguise like Daredevil since the defendant has been found not guilty.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, when a Spider-Man statue in South Korea became infamous for its visibly erect Spider-Man parts, people eventually responded by having the Spider-statue removed from the side of the building… that was located near a children’s play park.

The defendant in the Spider-Man trial, Phillip Williams, is alleged to have cursed at Goreaciuc when she did not tip after taking a photo, and later punched her in the face after she had thrown some snow at him. During the trial, Williams claimed he was acting in self defense after an ice block hit him on the head, and Goreaciuc’s husband grabbed him from behind and tried to rip off his backpack:

“I thought I was being attacked, maybe being robbed. I thought I was being jumped basically.”

Williams’ attorney, Rachel Black, claimed the supposed attack by Spider-man was in fact an act of self defense:

“He turned and acted in self-defense because he reasonably believed that Ms. Goreaciuc was going to use physical force against him because she had just used physical force against him.”

But Goreaciuc denies she attack Williams, and instead says he attacked her without provocation. After this incident, the not so amazing Spider-Man ran away from the scene of the crime with Batman in hot pursuit (for real!).

The other interesting part is that Goreaciuc supposedly managed to find Williams again in the crowd of Spider-Man impersonators because of his unique odor, according to the NY Post:

“One stinky Spidey lingered in a fog of his own musk at Broadway and 42nd Street — putting forth a distinct melange of cheap deodorant, body odor and stale musk. Despite this, he was demanding people pay for the privilege of standing next to him for photos. A second web-slinger wannabe, standing in front of Toys “R” Us, had a slightly sweet and sweaty bouquet that also could have been as good as a DNA test if it were ever to be brought up in court. It was the type of smell that may have struck Goreaciuc’s nose during her dust-up with Williams.”

In the end, the Spider-Man trial ended in the favor of Phillip Williams. The judge did fine him $250 for harassment since he cursed in the presence of children.

“You should know better; you should know better,” Judge Ferrara said. “If you want to go back to Times Square, I hope you have learned your lesson from this proceeding: Be more courteous to the people you see.”

Do you think justice was served in the Spider-Man trial? Or do you think the judge pulled a Deadpool…