Spain Eliminated From 2014 World Cup, Netherlands And Chile Advance

In one of the most shocking results of the 2014 World Cup, Spain was eliminated after losing 2-0 against Chile on Wednesday. This means that a brand new world champion will be crowned in Brazil, four years after Spain won its first title.

The Spanish national football team looked weak, hesitant, and lacked organization for most of the match against an empowered Chile. The Europeans’ lackluster performance left millions of their loyal fans hugely disappointed at not being able to properly defend the title.

Coming in, there was a lot of hope that perhaps they could repeat their impressive campaign of 2010. However, it was not to be. Spain never found a rhythm and looked totally dazed and confused during both Group B appearances.

Perhaps it was a case of overconfidence as Spain enjoyed one of the most successful periods in their football history. At the same time, this in an aging team with many of its veterans getting up there in age and likely seeing their last World Cup.

Chile defeated Spain for the first time in their history and has been impressive ever since the qualifiers. A young, well managed, disciplined team, the Chileans deserved to move on and will join the Netherlands — who defeated Australia 3-2 — in the round of 16.

Spain’s elimination from the World Cup allows Chile to attempt a repeat of the 1962 World Cup — which they hosted — when they had their best result, third place. Since then, the South American country has not had much luck in the tournament, with only round of 16 finishes.

For many, the elimination of Spain at the 2014 World Cup was unimaginable, but now they will play the last match with only their pride to defend. Chile, in the meantime, is poised for greatness with a team that wants to go farther than ever before.

[Image via Fox Sports/Facebook]