Beyonce’s Marital Troubles Ruining Tour?

Beyonce Knowles will be starting her On The Run Tour on June 25 with her husband Jay-Z. But recent reports seem to suggest they may not get far. The stress of touring and past cheating allegations have complicated the couples’ relationship. Now, fans are wondering if Beyonce will manage to complete the tour without splitting up with Jay-Z.

The Independent reported that personal problems between Beyonce and Jay-Z have been negatively impacting ticket sales. A shocking amount of tickets are still available for Beyonce’s kick-off show next Wednesday. Tens of thousands of seats remain unfilled, which is hard to believe for a star as big as Beyonce Knowles.

The same is true for the upcoming July 12 show in New Jersey and Beyonce’s concert on July 15 in Atlanta. The Independent reminds that these are some of the biggest cities for tours to hit, so if Beyonce and her husband can’t fill seats fast, it doesn’t bode well for the On The Run Tour.

A source explained to Radar Online what could be causing the distress between the celebrity couple, citing the incident between Beyonce’s sister Solange as a major cause of conflict:

“It’s overload. The public has been left with a sour taste in their mouth because of the elevator fight [between Beyoncé’s sister Solange and Jay] and all the information that leaked about Jay and [Beyonce]’s relationship afterward.”

It’s possible that Beyonce’s marital problems have been causing her to stay out of the public eye a bit. Beyonce hasn’t been seen or heard on public airways as much as she used to. Could Beyonce be hiding from the media to try and fix her home life?

With the recent release of her new album and a new child, things could not be more stressful for Beyonce. And her private issues are reflecting poorly on her musical career.

The source went on to explain:

“Beyoncé’s album had a big first month with Drunk in Love, but the last several singles have tanked on the charts. If you’re launching a stadium tour, you have to have airplay, and she’s had no hits lately on the radio.”

Gossip Town seems to think Beyonce’s home life gets even more complicated. They claim Beyonce may have another baby on the way. Several sources supposedly informed E! News that Beyonce is pregnant once again. It’s been said that Jay-Z does want more children, but is the new child coming at the completely wrong time?

What do you think? Is Beyonce really pregnant? Is Beyonce letting her personal problems affect her career? Let us know below!

[Image courtesy of SoFeminine]