Drug-Filled Football Packed With Heroin And Cell Phones Tossed Into Prison Yard

A drug-filled football, packed to the hilt with heroin, marijuana, tobacco and three cell phones, with chargers, was tossed into the yard of the G. Robert Cotton Correctional Facility in Jackson, Mich. on Sunday.

The incident, which happened in the afternoon, saw a Detroit man throw the football but it came up short and landed between two fences, and not where he intended it to land.

Fortunately, a prison officer who was in the parking lot at the time, saw the man make the throw and apprehended him at the scene. He is now facing felony charges.

USA Today reported that Russ Marlan from the Michigan Department of Corrections told the press:

"After observing the passenger exit the vehicle and throw the football, our officer ran towards the vehicle and drew his Taser and told the driver to stop, which he did."

The suspect has been identified as 32-year-old Christen Deon-Sterling Moore who now faces charges pertaining to the delivery of heroin, and attempting to smuggle drugs and cell phones into the facility.

Jackson County Prosecutor Jerry Jarzynka said on Tuesday: "We take very seriously the security of our prisons and will prosecute any violations of contraband that occur."

According to corrections officers from the facility, it has been made easier for would-be contraband suppliers to get items into the prison as the gun towers there are no longer manned due to a policy change across state prisons.

Spokesman Marlan spoke about the measures in place to deal with incidents like the drug-filled football:

"The idea to staff these randomly came from our wardens — people who have a lot of experience with custody and security inside and out of prisons, and who have worked their way to leadership roles within our system. They studied the continuous manning of these posts and didn't see the return on the investment."

Maybe, after this drug filled football incident, the policy could be revised.