Kevin Hart Screams Like A Baby On Roller Coaster With Jimmy Fallon [Video]

Niki Cruz

Want to see Kevin Hart turn into a baby in under a minute? Just toss him on a roller coaster with The Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon. The two hopped on the Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit in Orlando, Florida's Universal Studios during a taping of The Tonight Show, and Kevin Hart wasn't a happy camper.

When it comes to promoting one of his films, Hart pretty much puts himself out there and is up for anything, but he might rethink that strategy now that he's experienced a sick roller coaster with Fallon.

Even before the two rolled the footage of the roller coaster ride Kevin Hart proclaimed, "I don't like them. You know damn well I don't like roller coasters, Jimmy."

Apparently Hart was so nervous that when Fallon went to shake his hand before taping the roller coaster segment Hart's hands were clammy.

The comedian explained to the audience, "It was sweaty. I never knew that that could happen to me before this morning. I really don't like roller coasters and you made me do it."

Fallon countered that since he was promoting his new film Think Like a Man Too, they had to "man up."

Even as Jimmy Fallon was explaining the footage, Kevin Hart was starting to get nervous again. Fallon told a visibly anxious Hart that he, "wouldn't make him do it again" before rolling hilarious footage of the two taking the plunge at Universal Studios.

As the two sized up the roller coaster Hart said, "I'm nervous, man. Now I can't turn back because I look like a b*tch if I turn that. Let's just do it. I'm scared."

The best part about the Rockit ride, aside from the actual ride, is when Kevin Hart, who on his best day is about 5'2" was stopped at the height requirement display. It appears as though he either just made the height requirement or missed it by an inch, but either way Hart played up the gag and whacked the height requirement display down.

Of course, in order to get a good shot of the two on the Rip Ride Rockit, they were put in the front row of the coaster and that's when hilarity took place.

Most of it featured Kevin Hart praying, screaming, as Jimmy Fallon laughed. During the ride Hart looked like he might just not make it out alive as Fallon received a surprise attack by a bug. Check out the video below:

[Image via NBC]