Polygamist Warren Jeffs Threatens Court With Doomsday Scenario

Polygamist Warren Jeffs had a powerful message for the court system on Friday, telling them that as God he would strike them down if they didn’t end their lawsuit against him.

In court he was quoted as saying:

“I, the Lord God of heaven, call upon the court to cease this open prosecution against my pure, holy way.”

He went on to say that if the lawsuit isn’t dropped:

“I will send a scourge upon the counties of prosecutorial zeal to make humbled by sickness and death.”

The judge didn’t send Jeffs into another room after his outbreak but instead told him not to repeat his threat to the jury. The jury was cleared from the room before Jeffs made his statement.

The judge told Warren:

“If you call for their destruction or in any way say that they will be injured or damaged because of their service, you will be removed from the courtroom.”

Even for Jeffs the doomsday, I’ll reign fire down upon you offensive is a new level of crazy.