June 18, 2014
This Magician Can Play Tricks On You Right Through Your Computer Screen! Prepare To Be Amazed!

If there is one thing magician Endrit Ferizoli knows how to do well, it's freaking people out with his mastery of magic tricks.

And perhaps the coolest thing about Ferizoli's magic tricks is that you can be a participant. Yes, you! The person sitting lazily behind the computer screen. Watch carefully as this very talented magician plays a trick on you, even without meeting you in person:

In the video, magician Ferizoli shows you a hand of cards and asks you to choose one from the set. After you have finished choosing, Ferizoli will shuffle the cards and pick out the card he "thinks" you chose. He will then show you the hand of cards - and don't lie - the card you chose earlier is no longer there.

Now try it again with another card, and get ready to be frustrated. He'll surely get it every time.

Real sorcery? Deceitful video editing? Or just plain ol' sleight of hand? According to Wikipedia, sleight of hand (also known as prestidigitation) is a magic skill used by magicians to discreetly manipulate objects such as cards or coins.

More popular magicians, like David Copperfield, often use sleight of hands for their routines. The skill for illusion and distraction is greatly required when accomplishing any magic trick that uses sleight of hands. Here is one simple routine David Copperfield does, called the "hand twisting trick". You can actually try this one at home as well:

Of course, that's hardly the most complicated thing in magic, as there are a few dozen YouTube videos that can instruct people on how it's done. Here is a longer, more fascinating video of sleight of hand tricks done by popular magicians Penn and Teller:
Amazing, right? There are many ways to learn how to do these wonderful tricks. For starters, one can go over thousands of YouTube tutorial videos of people performing magic. A good example is this one, which shows four magic how-to's in a single video.
If you would like to dedicate more time, energy and money on the craft, you can attend prestigious magic schools such as the College of Magic in South Africa, where experienced magicians educate students on the intricate art of magic.

So, going back to Endrit Ferizoli's magic trick. How did he do it? Have any guesses? Don't ruin it for those who haven't seen the video.

[Image is screenshot of YouTube video]