June 18, 2014
'The Book Of Mormon' Witnesses To 'South Park' In Outstanding 'Hello' Music Video

Trey Parker and Matt Stone are either loved affectionately or hated notoriously for their infamous cartoon on Comedy Central, South Park. Extremely vulgar and definitely not politically correct, it pushes the boundaries of the norms and everyday happenings of our society. If that weren't enough to push people around, the duo then created a fantastic Broadway play that surely would anger a whole religious group called The Book of Mormon.

Their accolades have reached to so many fans, especially Simon Chong, who took it upon himself to combine South Park and The Book of Mormon into an amazing fan-created music video!

According to Cinema Blend, it was reported that a mashing of both creative projects by Parker and Stone into a fan video would be inevitable, especially with their fan base following. What was unexpected was how well-constructed the fan video was.

By now, most people already know about South Park. The show has been reported on numerous times for its controversial stories. Here on The Inquisitr, we reported how the show would do its take on the Armstrong doping scandal, spoof LeBron James' Nike commercial, and even poke fun at the Penn State sex scandal. Let's not get started on how Parker and Stone portrays Muslims in the show. Let's just say it is enough to be receiving death threats. Once you get numerous death threats, that is when you know you stand up for something you believe in.

To reiterate the above, South Park is established. What about The Book of Mormon? There is no way a duo responsible for making a controversial cartoon that "hurts people's feelings" would transition over to Broadway right? Well they can, and they did it with authority. The Book of Mormon became the most popular Broadway play at its initiation and eventually won nine Tony Awards and a Grammy Award too.

So Simon Chong isn't just animating some silly cartoon, these two are the authority in their respected fields, only those fields tend to anger people. Also, Huffington Post made a comparison of Chong's fan-made video to the opening for the 2012 Tony Awards, because both utilize the opening song of the play titled Hello. Below is the video from the awards show for comparison with the fan video on top. You know what they say right? Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

[Images via Bing]