June 18, 2014
WWE News: Vickie Guerrero Set To Leave The Company, Final Appearance To Be On Monday Night RAW

Back in 2005, the WWE, along with the wrestling world, lost one of the greatest performers in sports entertainment, Eddie Guerrero. He was known for his technical abilities, charismatic performance, and his moniker to "lie, cheat, and steal". In the wake of his death, WWE presented one of the nicest offers any company could do: they offered a working position on the main roster for his widow.

Technically, Vickie Guerrero's first worked angle was between Rey Mysterio and Eddie Guerrero. In the angle, Rey's son, Dominique, was found out to be the son of Eddie. This put Vickie in the WWE spotlight for the first time - outside of interviews about her husband or any wrestler she may have been associated with in autobiographies. Since then, she's been in numerous story lines for almost a decade which includes being the girlfriend of Edge and Dolph Ziggler during two separate occasions, and her authority positions, including managing supervisor of WWE Monday Night RAW and general manager of WWE Smackdown!.

Now it seems Vickie Guerrero's time in the WWE is about to come to an end. Wrestling news sites are proclaiming that next week's taping of WWE Monday Night RAW (June 23, 2014), will be her final appearance.

Vickie Guerrero w/ Boyfriends

According to an article by Examiner, Vickie Guerrero's "vomit skit" on last night's taping of WWE Monday Night RAW did two things. First, it setup Roman Reigns to be in the "Money In The Bank" ladder match at WWE Money In The Bank 2014. The second thing it setup was Vickie Guerrero to leave the company.

Now this may sound bad coming during a time when the WWE is constantly restructuring to keep themselves afloat at their weakest. We here at The Inquisitr reported that the eleven WWE superstars, who suddenly became unemployed last week, were probably not the end of terminations, and they would extend to the corporate and production side of the WWE. Eventually, that prediction came into fruition when Vince McMahon himself fired Jay Gibson, the head writer of WWE creative, causing him to fill the void (which also gave birth to "Stardust"). But Vickie Guerrero isn't on the chopping block. The parting is a mutual agreement.

Honestly, Vickie Guerrero earned the right to leave the WWE on her own terms. First, the WWE diva (yes she is technically one according to the WWE Divas Website) has the second-longest tenure with the current roster of divas, right behind Lilian Garcia who's been with the company for more than a decade. Actually, if sabbaticals are not considered, Vickie Guerrero is technically the longest active WWE diva on the roster right now at nine years. That is longer than Lita, Mickie James, and the "greatest WWE diva of all time", Trish Stratus during their tenures. Second, besides being in some of the most memorable story lines WWE creative has ever written, she has "taken one for the team" too, such as receiving a Tombstone from the Undertaker. Currently, her latest promo, the one with the vomit in the face, would count too.

The reason for Vickie Guerrero's desire to depart with the WWE is described by Pro Wrestling Scoops. According to the report, she is leaving to pursue a career in the medical profession. She was supposed to leave right at WWE Wrestlemania XXX, but was asked to stick around, eventually receiving the opportunity for a proper sendoff. The rumored story is termination for the whole "coffee debacle" on yesterday's show. True getting fired by The Authority doesn't sound like a proper sendoff, but maybe Vickie will get the chance to stand up to The Authority... because she is a Guerrero after all.

No matter what Vickie Guerrero decides, the WWE should be thankful for all the years she put in, and probably vice versa. Through the company, she lost a lot of weight and looks great for someone her age. Also, she was able to replace the income lost, from her husband's sudden passing, to take care of her priorities, which may include family. In the end, having the woman who made everyone cringe when she screamed "Excuse me!" walk out in style is something the WWE owes her.

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