‘Battlefield: Hardline’ Vs ‘CoD: Advanced Warfare’: EA Won’t Release Their Franchise Every Year

Battlefield: Hardline won’t be part of a yearly release, Electronic Arts has announced. Perhaps it’s for the best, considering the drop in ratings that their closest competitor Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is attempting to fix from last year.

Other developers could probably take a hint from this and simply take their time to develop their games to take full advantage of the current gen hardware and finish them instead of rushing to meet a deadline. Yes, some impatient gamers will be upset, but it certainly didn’t hurt Watch Dogs that badly delaying it until Ubisoft decided it was ready.

The recent upswing in delays is another indication that more developers should probably take more time to work on newer games and achieve the coveted 1080p 60fps without sacrificing gameplay.

Both Battlefield: Hardline and CoD: Advanced Warfare appear to be attempting to change things for this round of Battlefield vs Call of Duty. This is an indication that both producers are noticing too many similarities not only to each other, but with every game they made before, and we might start seeing some originality in the future.

Electronic Arts has also indicated that they’ve learned from their mistakes, having rushed out new releases to maintain a yearly schedule as they previously promised. The result of this rush was last year’s universally heckled Battlefield 4, a glitchy mess which, after the SimCity snafu, only reinforced EA’s bad name.

@jarthd @daz2584 @SamuelRoddis Battlefield now has the CoD disease of yearly releases… Battfield Hardline http://t.co/I2IWYRaest

— Bob Johnson (@BurtonwoodXBL) May 28, 2014

EA Studios executive vice president Patrick Söderlund explained that even though Battlefield: Hardline is due only a year after the abysmal Battlefield 4, it’s not a sign of things to come:

“I understand that some people may look at it that way but that’s what happened. The idea of a cops and robbers type Battlefield game has been with us — me and the DICE team — for more than ten years. There are early prototypes from, like, 2000 or 2001 of a game that we called back then Urban Combat. This has been lingering and we’ve been wanting to do something like this.

“We still have things to make Battlefield 4 better. Everything that we’we’ve fixed with Battlefield 4 will go into Hardline.”

Has Electronic Arts learned from their mistakes? Could they turn things around and prove to gamers that they’re not the worst gaming company on the market? Even if Battlefield: Hardline ends up a roaring success, they will need to maintain a standard of quality for a few years to help us forget what happened over the last two years.

We are going to need more than just Titanfall.

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