‘Battlefield 4’ DLC: ‘Dragon’s Teeth’ Details Revealed As EA Continues To Fix The Game

More Battlefield 4 DLC is coming as EA continues to work on fixing the game for online play. Even though the game has earned notoriety as one of the worst entries in the series, it seems we can’t stop playing it anyway. It’s one of the few online FPS games out there that isn’t being called a Call of Duty clone.

Could it be that Battlefield 4 is getting the same attention that Saints Row IV is? In spite of the glitches that the game was launched with, gamers still manage to have enough fun to keep coming back.

As the server issues and game glitches continue to be fixed, EA Games is continuing to release new DLC, with the next installment being Battlefield 4: Dragon’s Teeth. The details on this new DLC have been leaked, though a lot is still unknown. Most of the details involve new unlocks and what will be required to achieve them.

The next round of Battlefield 4 DLC will include locations possibly called Sunken Dragon, Propaganda, Pearl Market, and Urban Garden. We can assume that Sunken Dragon might involve a shipwreck around China or Japan, and Pearl Market could center around a variation on Pearl Harbor. What the other locations could indicate is still unknown, but it seems to center around Japan. Various sources claim different location names, but we will know later this week.

The following methods will be used as a means to unlock new gadgets or weapons in the Battlefield 4 DLC Dragon’s Teeth. All but the City Slicker dog tag will require not being in a round:

Unica 6 Magnum (handgun)

  • Do something at a specific point on Map X
  • Get 5 kills while swimming

SRSS Bulldog 762 (assault rifle)

  • Kill 10 Supports as Assault
  • Kill 10 Engineers as Assault
  • Kill 10 Recons as Assault

SIG MPX (sub-machine gun)

  • Obtain 2 PDW Ribbons
  • Form a New Link in Chainlink 10 times
  • Follow 10 Squad Orders

McMillan CS5 (sniper rifle)

  • Obtain 2 Sniper Rifle Ribbons
  • 10 Squad Beacon Spawns on your beacon
  • 20 Spot Assists

Ballistic Shield

  • Obtain 5 Savior Kills
  • Obtain 20 Suppression Assists
  • Destroy 3 Explosives

Road Warrior Dog Tag “Road Warrior”

  • Obtain 10 Flag Attacks
  • Obtain 10 Flag Defenses
  • Obtain 25 Kills using Shotguns

Remote Control Dog Tag “Remote Operator”

  • Destroy 1 Vehicle with the EOD BOT
  • Obtain 5 Kills using the MAARS
  • Obtain 10 Kills using Helicopters
  • Spot 20 Enemies with the MAV

Desert Eagle “Recoil Kinetics”

  • Obtain 20 Headshots using the Unica6

Killjoy Dog Tag “Killjoy”

  • Kill 10 Enemies while under Suppression
  • Break 30 Links in Chainlink
  • Do something at a specific point on Map X

City Slicker Dog Tag “City Slicker”

  • Spend 10 hours on Dragon’s Teeth maps (possibly one specific one)
  • Obtain 100 kills on Dragon’s Teeth maps (possibly one specific one)

Are you excited for this week’s reveal of the Battlefield 4 DLC, Dragon’s Teeth?

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