Depressed Rhino Forges Strange Friendship With Donkeys In Georgia Zoo

Donkeys seem to be everyone's favorite animals these days. It was just a few weeks ago that The Inquisitr first reported about a depressed goat who wouldn't eat unless his best friend was reunited with him. The best friend in this case was a donkey. And just as expected, the goat was back to being a normal goat after his donkey friend was back with him. In another case, a man in India used donkeys to get him some much needed customer service from Jaguar and its dealer. The man was having serious issues with his vehicle and getting a few donkeys along with the car to the dealership did the trick.

In the latest case of donkeys coming to the rescue, a lonely rhino inside a zoo in Georgia, Europe has found some much needed companionship thanks to the help of, you guessed it right, two donkeys! According to My Fox Philly, the large female rhinoceros, named Manuela lives in the Tblisi zoo in the capital of the country. Her one and only companion, a male rhino had recently passed away and she was all lonely. This had made her aggressive and cranky towards zoo workers, says the Khaleej Times.

In order to pacify Manuela, zoo authorities tried bringing in other animals from the zoo just to give her some company. A zebra from a nearby enclosure and a two goats were initially introduced. The rhino however was the least bit interested. In the end, as a last resort, zoo authorities turned to two donkeys living in the zoo. And as luck would have it, the two species were an immediate hit! As seen in the video below, the Rhino looks quite happy with her new four legged companions. The donkeys doesn't seem to be the least bit intimidated by the rhino's large size.

As it turns out, unusual friendships like these are not uncommon at the Tblisi Zoo. The location is also famous for a lion cub that found itself living with a puppy, his best friend.

The zoo attendants are closely watching the animals and are wondering as to how long these unusual friendships would last.

Do you think donkeys have some kind of special calming effect on other animals? Maybe they simply look too harmless?

[Image via YouTube]