In One Of The Slowest Car Chases, A Golf Cart Driver Is Apprehended And Charged With Assault

Car chases are usually crazy-fast and either end up in the pursued vehicle crashing or screeching to a halt once its tires are shredded by highway patrol officers. Though a car chase did ensue, it must have been one of the slowest ones in the history as the choice of the getaway vehicle was a golf cart.

The notorious and presumably dangerous driver has reportedly been apprehended. Dangerous because he has apparently assaulted a police officer when the suspect ran over him with the golf cart. Reports indicate that the driver works for US Network NBC. Identified as Thomas Lineberry, the golf cart driver’s duty is to drive NBC Sports analyst Roger Maltbie into position for each shot.

Lineberry now faces criminal charges for assault as he allegedly ignored a trooper’s instructions to stay put on the 11th hole and then struck the officer in the leg with his golf cart, reported Golf Digest. Though it sounds hilarious, the accident happened when Lineberry was trying to get away from the officer.

But a golf cart isn’t meant for speed and maneuverability. The officer “chased” the cart on a sandy surface — just outside the gallery ropes — and climbed onto the back of the cart. He then put his arms around the driver’s neck and shoulders from behind, reported Golf Week.

If that’s not dramatic enough the trooper issued a sternly worded dialogue while arresting the golf cart driver that would have fit perfectly in any Hollywood film. He allegedly told Lineberry, 59, before putting him in handcuffs, “When a state trooper tells you to stop, that’s what you’re supposed to do.”

Golf Cart Driver Thomas Lineberry Appears More Amused Than Shocked About His Arrest By A Highway Patrol Officer
Golf Cart Driver Thomas Lineberry Appears More Amused Than Shocked About His Arrest By A Highway Patrol Officer

The golf cart’s passenger, NBC Sports analyst Roger Maltbie, couldn’t help but comment, “This is a new one.” Once his transport was left without a driver due to the alleged assault and arrest, Maltbie had to trek down the 11th fairway at Pinehurst, North Carolina. In his trademark sense of humor, Maltbie continued, “I’ve been to a couple of rodeos and a county fair, and I’ve never had this happen.”

Though this may seem hilarious, Lineberry faces charges that are quite serious. He has been charged with assault on a law enforcement officer, hit and run, driving while impaired, obstructing and delaying a law enforcement officer, and resisting. We hope the poor driver’s trial is not as snail-paced as his getaway vehicle.

[Image Credit | 9News World, Charles Laberge / Golf Digest]