Kitten Jam Video Cuter Than Any Cat Commercial, But Is It Fake?

The Kitten Jam video purports to showing two little cats jamming out to “Turn Down For What” by Lil’ Jon. It is not 10 seconds into the video before anyone might be wondering how they pulled this off. So is it clever video editing wizardry, making it kinda fake, or did they figure out another cool way to train these kittens to jam out?

In a related report by The Inquisitr, the top 10 cat commercial videos will have you laughing even if the purpose is to advertise a product. But the favorite one has to be the Dear Kitten video, which has an older feline training a kitten in the ways of being a house cat.

So apparently these kittens are bopping their tiny little kitten heads to the music, which is going along with the beat. This is what they said about the video:

“These are two talented kittens – tulip and daisy that my wife and I fostered and just returned to the shelter. They will soon be available for adoption at the Animal Welfare League of Arlington, Virginia.”

But it’s blatantly obvious these kittens are faking it because you can tell that somebody is moving something in the background to keep their vision focused to move their heads to the music. And, despite this being so obvious, the Kitten Jam video pulls it off in such a way that they seem to be doing it by their on free will. I’m guessing that no video editing was required although I would say they were using a laser light on the wall and ceiling, which seems to be the only way they could pull this off.

Despite the good choreography, and the overwhelming cute factor, the description mentioned a blooper reel, which seemingly makes it obvious that the bobbing of their heads is no digital editing job:

Even the remix version doesn’t make anything clearer on how they pulled it off:

How do you think the Kitten Jam video was created?

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