FedEx Faces It’s Third Lawsuit

3rd lawsuit filed against FedEx in California bus crash

FedEx is facing its 3rd lawsuit after the April 10 collision between a FedEx truck and charter bus in Orland California that killed ten people.

Ismael Jimenez, 18, was travelling with a group of Californian students to Humboldt State University for a free weekend tour when a FedEx truck on Southbound Interstate 5 slammed head-on into their charter bus causing it to set alight.

The FedEx driver is said to have signaled to change lanes and began to merge but never straightened out. Instead the FedEx truck continued across a 58 – foot stretch of median and into the oncoming traffic, colliding with the charter bus. Dozens of students were injured and five students including Ismael, three chaperones and both the FedEx and bus driver were killed.

Ismael Jimenez’s family have filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the FedEx truck, it’s manufacturer Volvo and it’s driver Timothy Evans. Silverado Stages, the bus company, is also named in the suit.

Aspiring artist Ismael Jimenez is said to have been at the front of the bus when the FedEx truck collided with it. A witness says he broke out a window and helped others away from the flames and smoke to safety but was unable to save himself.

During a conference announcing this latest lawsuit against FedEx, Ismael’s sister said, “Honestly, that’s amazing to me that he did that. I mean he could have saved his own life, but he did it for others, and that’s amazing to me.”

This latest lawsuit against FedEx comes after the mother of Jennifer Bonilla, 17, who died in the crash, filed a negligence suit against FedEx in April claiming FedEx trucks had a history of catching fire and is seeking $100 million in damages. Crash survivor Miles Hill and his family also filed a negligence suit on May 6th naming FedEx and Silverado Stages. Miles’ father claims his son can only attend school for four hours a day due to the trauma he faces from the FedEx crash and are seeking unspecified compensatory damages and compensation for medical expenses.

After the first lawsuit was filed, FedEx issued a statement saying the company was “focused on providing support to those affected and cooperating with the authorities as they conduct their investigation. This is not the time for us to discuss potential litigation”.

More victims and their families are expected to file charges against FedEx and Silverado Stages.