Imagine Dragons: ‘Transformers’ Soundtrack Could ‘Open Up’ More Opportunities

Last week, Imagine Dragons released their new single, “Battle Cry,” which will be featured in the upcoming summer blockbuster, Transformers: Age of Extinction. During an interview with IGN, the band discussed how the song came about, and what it was like to work on the set.

Imagine Dragons lead singer Dan Evans said the band’s goal since its inception “was to bring our music to everyone in the world.” Now that they have worked with Michael Bay for the latest installment of the Transformers franchise, this could mean more opportunities for them to grow as a band.

“To be a part of Transformers, I think that it will open up areas we still have yet to go to,” Evans said.

After touring for two years, Imagine Dragons was ready to return to the studio and strictly focus on releasing a new album, said guitarist Wayne Sermon. But that is not what ended up happening.

“We were ready to come back and [work on] our album, just focus on that, but Michael Bay showed us a little bit of the movie,” Sermon added.

Imagine Dragons drummer Dan Platzman said the band was “inspired” to get to work with composer Steve Jablonsky and Hans Zimmer, who served as assistant to the film’s musical score.

“That was a total dream come true,” Platzman added.