Ian Somerhalder Reportedly Jealous Of Nina Dobrev’s New Boyfriend

Ian Somerhalder is reportedly wrestling with his emotions after reports surfaced that his Vampire Diaries co-star has found another man.

If you’re in the market for rumors about Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev, then you have plenty to choose from these days. One moment the pair are getting engaged, the next they’re picking up the pieces of the shattered romance. Trying to separate truth from fiction is definitely a little tough, and it’s about to get a bit harder.

According to Celebrity Dirty Laundry, Ian is a little jealous that Nina is hooking up with Muse drummer Dominic Howard. As always, this information comes from anonymous sources, so try not to believe everything you’re about to read.

The website reports:

“Sources tell us that Ian is jealous of Nina’s new boyfriend, but there’s unfortunately not much he can do about. It’s her life and her choice, and she’s made it very clear to Ian that she’s not interested in settling down. Considering that Ian’s coming up on the latter half of his 30s, I doubt he’ll hold out for Nina much longer. Even if they do get back together, I doubt she’ll agree to get married, settle down, and have children — especially with her entire career ahead of her.”

Unfortunately for poor Ian Somerhalder, this isn’t the only guy his ex-girlfriend has allegedly spent some time with in recent days. The Daily Mail reports that Ian’s Vampire Diaries co-star also latched onto James Marsden’s face while the pair hung out together in New Orleans. The plot, as they say, thickens.

A completely different insider told OK! magazine that Somerhalder’s former flame was making out with the actor in a dark corner of the Cat’s Meow. When they weren’t swapping spit, these attractive individuals took a few moments to sing karaoke.

Another source told Hollywood Life:

“Nina thinks James is hot. They have met before and they did hook up and had a great time. It was a fun night of drinking and hooking up on Bourbon Street.”

If Ian Somerhalder is genuinely jealous of Nina’s desire to move on with her life, then he might want to stay away from Google News in the next few days. Considering the actress was recently linked to both James Marsden and Dominic Howard, there’s no telling what rumors might surface in the coming weeks. Somerhalder, consider yourself warned.

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