Ian Somerhalder Is New United Nations Goodwill Ambassador

Last week, Ian Somerhalder was all over Twitter announcing his new role as United Nations Goodwill Ambassador, proving that he is not only a pretty face on television, but somebody who is truly concerned about the problems affecting our planet.

For those who know and follow the blue-eyed star, this comes as no surprise, since Somerhalder is known to be very much involved with environmental issues; he even started an organization called the Ian Somerhalder Foundation, through which he advocates for several subjects that are dear to him, including animal rights and environment matters.

Ian Somerhalder’s millions of fans watch him on television on his very popular series Vampire Diaries and cannot get enough of his character, Damon Salvatore, but Ian is clearly a lot more than his looks.

His newest adventure will be as a UN Environmental Program Goodwill Ambassador and from what we could tell from his Twitter post, he is beyond excited:

On the ISF website, they couldn’t have been happier for the boss:

“Friends, this is really great news – and absolute proof that the ISF mission is making waves across the globe. On Thursday, June 5, 2014, the world will be celebrating World Environment Day, and our president, Ian Somerhalder, will be designated as a United Nations Environment Program Goodwill Ambassador. We truly could not be more proud of him right now.”

Somerhalder attended the World Environmental Day 2014 Challenge in Barbados, which the website describes as a day which is:

“…celebrated around the world as this glorious earth’s inhabitants revel in the natural beauty surrounding us as we fight to protect it. Individuals from every nation are encouraged to participate in this celebration by cleaning up local beaches, planting trees and making small changes that together create a huge impact for our planet.”

Somerhalder also shared his accomplishment on Instagram with this photo (after several attempts), with the caption:

We did it! Signed the UNEP paperwork with my new brother and world-changing Executive Director of the UNEP who is also the Under Secretary-General of the United Nations Achim Steiner in Parliament with the incredible distinguished members of the green government of Barbados. Thank you to the host country of Barbados for hosting the UNEP’s World Environment Day 2014 and all of the love- it.”

From all appearances this new chapter in Ian Somerhalder’s life is something that he is truly passionate and excited about, we wish them all the luck in his endeavors.

[Image via Twitter]