Jalen Rose Sentenced 20 Days in Jail For Drunk Driving

ESPN NBA analyst Jalen Rose has received a sentence of 20 days in jail stemming from an arrest last March for driving under the influence in Michigan.

According to reports, Rose crashed his car into a ditch, driving along an icy road with a female passenger when he lost control of his vehicle and flipped the car.

When police arrived, Rose agreed to undergo several roadside sobriety tests, but failed and was eventually arrested for DUI with a blood alcohol level of 0.12.

While Jalen admitted his mistake and plead guilty to the charge back in May, his lawyer claims the sentencing – which also includes a year of probation – is an “abuse of discretion.”

“The 20-day jail sentence issued by this Michigan judge is outrageous,” Attorney Keith Davidson said, “Today we saw a horrendous example of judicial temperament.”

Davidson went on to argue that Rose’s clean criminal record should have been taken into account more before the punishment was made.

“Jalen is a model citizen who has personally donated millions to charity, established inner city charter schools and a medical center in the Congo, and most importantly, has NO PRIOR criminal record.”

Rose, a former 13-year NBA player and member of Michigan’s infamous “Fab Five,” will begin serving his his 20 day sentence next Tuesday.

via USA Today