Celine Dion Manager: Celine’s Husband, Rene Angelil, Steps Down As Her Manager

Celine Dion needs a new manager. The superstar and her husband, Rene Angelil, have parted ways professionally after more than three decades. According to CNN, Angelil will change gears and become chairman of Feeling Productions Inc. He handed over his previous post to his dear friend, Aldo Giampaolo.

A statement from the production company read:

“It is with great pleasure and with the utmost confidence that Rene Angelil announces today that his long-time close friend, Aldo Giampaolo, has been appointed as chief executive officer of Feeling Productions Inc., the company which manages Celine Dion’s career. Celine and Rene have decided that the time has come to bring this appointment to fruition, one that Rene had proposed to Aldo several years ago.”

Celine Dion knew her manager when she was only 12-years-old. Rene Angelil was always by her side and the two ended up falling in love. At that time, Dion was 19-years-old; Angelil was 45. The two had a love story for the ages and managed to stay together for decades, both romantically and professionally. Through thick and thin, Celine had the love and support of Rene — and the same went for him.

Back in 1999, Celine left the spotlight to care for Rene who had been battling throat cancer. Late last year, Rene was diagnosed again. According to People Magazine, he had a tumor removed from his throat. With Celine performing at The Colosseum in Las Vegas, things are easier to deal with — the couple doesn’t have to travel (They live in Vegas with their three sons).

Celine previously said:

“I don’t want René to stress out with work-related issues. I want him to focus on getting back to 100%. I’ve been doing my shows at the Colosseum and everything’s under control.”

Celine, 45, and Rene, 72, have something really special together. While plenty of people thought that their marriage wouldn’t work, they have an incredibly strong bond. Many hope that the two are able to enjoy many more years together — and than Rene beats cancer once and for all. It is bittersweet news to hear that the two are calling off their professional romance, but they need to do what is best for them… and they feel as though it is time for Rene to step down.

Celine Dion and her manager-husband have many fans around the globe. For those who don’t like Celine, you might want to check out this article by The Inquisitr. And, if that doesn’t convince you, perhaps we can all just agree to disagree.

[Photo courtesy of Bing]