Russian Tanks Enter Ukraine, Officials Claim

CNN is reporting that the Ukrainian Interior Minister, Arsen Avakov, has issued a statement accusing the Russian government of ordering tanks to enter Ukraine through a border checkpoint controlled by pro-Russian separatists. According to CNN, Avakov’s statement described two columns of armored vehicles entering Ukraine and claimed that two tanks split off from the main formation and drove toward the city of Gorlovka. Avakov claims that the Ukrainian military engaged the tanks.

CNN admits that they have not yet verified the story, but other news outlets are already reporting the accusation. In the BBC report on the events, it is noted that the Russian foreign ministry has denied Avakov’s accusations, calling the reports of tanks entering Ukraine, “another fake piece of information.” That article goes on to mention that the Russian government has previously accused the Ukrainian government of failing to end fighting in the east and of using incendiary bombs against the civilian population in the region.

It is unknown at this time whether Russian tanks did enter Ukraine or not, but the civilian unrest noted in the BBC article would provide a reason for the neighboring country to be concerned about its border security. A YouTube video purporting to show a tank on the streets of a Ukrainian city was linked to in the article, but the user’s YouTube account is no longer active.

It is not the only video claiming to show footage of Russian tanks, however. There is also this footage, which remains active on YouTube but unconfirmed at this time.