WWE News: WWE Looking To Extend CM Punk’s Contract

WWE has made some surprising decisions lately. As we know, WWE did their annual Spring Cleaning this past Thursday, cutting just shy of a dozen people. More could be cut as well. The most surprising news of the week is not the rosters cuts to this reporter’s surprise at least. Rather, it’s that WWE could be extending CM Punk’s contract.

According to The Wrestling Observer, WWE could be extending the Straight Edge Savior’s contract after it expires next month. The WWE has a right to extend contracts with any talent if they miss a good portion of time. This was done with Rey Mysterio in the past, and it allowed both parties to get a better deal.

The fact is, CM Punk missed time and WWE has a right with his contract to extend without his permission. That does not mean he is required to come back however. Rey Rey was hurt often, which is why he missed so much time over the years. Meanwhile Punk simply left the WWE in January and it does not seem like he is willing to return any time soon.

The stupid part in this is that WWE would still pay Punk to simply sit at home. The only thing they get out of this is that Punk simply cannot work for another wrestling company. It should be noted that Punk is done with wrestling as a whole right now, which means he is not going to jump ship to a TNA for example. Punk has been clear in his hatred for the TNA product over the years anyway.

Punk could end up in Ring of Honor again, the problem with that is that he would probably not want to be a full time talent there. If he wanted to wrestle, he’d simply stay with WWE where the money is really able to be made. He also has a lot of talented guys to work with in WWE these days, so it’s not as if he’d leave to face better talent.

If the WWE does decide to go this route, it wouldn’t make much sense. Punk is most likely done with wrestling for a while, and if he wants to come back he will do so. The WWE has to consider the fact that if Punk does want to return to wrestling, making him angry with something like this would not be a way to get him to return to the place where he became a star. Rather, it would push him away from ever coming back.

Right now, Punk refuses to return to the WWE. He simply wants to do his own thing away from the wrestling ring. If WWE did do this, his contract would potentially go until December of this year, then he’d have a 90 day clause that would expire sometime near WrestleMania 31.

If WWE did not decide on this, Punk would be a free man come September of this year. Regardless, Punk probably wouldn’t care. He’s making money to stay at home. The stupid people in this would be the WWE. They’d pay a man for no reason. That, in thought, makes absolutely no sense. Especially when they will cut talented performers to save money. We will have to see what WWE decides. Stay tuned to IQ for more as we know it.