Pippa Middleton: Duchess Kate And Prince William Delegate Royal Dog Duty To Pippa

Pippa Middleton seems to be there when her sister needs her. Kate Middleton and Prince William have no problem delegating royal dog duty to Pippa when it comes to their family pet, Lupo. The black cocker spaniel was picked up from a boarding kennel by Pippa and an unidentified woman on Wednesday, according to an EOnline report.

The lady with Pippa has Lupo on a leash while Pippa carries a food bowl and dog food as they leave the kennel facility in London. Duchess Kate’s sister is pictured wearing a sporty blue tank top with black leggings and gray and pink running shoes. She looks laid back and casual donning a pair of sunglasses with her hair flowing freely.

William and Kate didn’t opt to have one of their many assistants go pick up the lovable canine, they wanted his human “aunt” to take care of business for him.

Several photos of Pippa picking up Lupo can be seen at Celebrity-Gossip.net. In the photos, Lupo is seen in a dog cage that Pippa and her friend are carrying. He sits leisurely on a brown pad as they carry him out.

Prince William and Duchess Kate playing with Lupo on the beach.

Lupo came into William and Kate’s life months after their marriage in 2011. The couple brings him along for royal outings and other outdoor activities they partake in. Lupo was even included in the official family portrait that the Duke and Duchess had with Prince George last summer.

In other Pippa Middleton news, People reports that the brunette will be in the Race Across America marathon that begins this Saturday in Oceanside, California. She and her brother, James Middleton, will race with other cyclists across the US to Annapolis, Maryland. The two are in the 3,000-mile marathon with their friend, James Matthews.

The Inquisitr has other articles on Pippa Middleton. When she was predicted to be one of Prince George’s godparents, the speculations were covered in the report. Many others obviously have to do with what made her famous in the first place — her role as the bridesmaid for Kate and William’s wedding. It was basically her butt that made her famous and she says so in this article. She still makes news for the many well-connected and wealthy men she’s rumored to be involved with — or engaged to. The latest Inquisitr report on Pippa Middleton’s romantic life had to do with a possible engagement to banker boyfriend, Nico Jackson.

[Image via Beraplan.com]