Jayson Wells: Man Posed As Veterinarian So He Could Torture Animals

Jayson Wells, a 30-year-old man from Driffield in UK, has been jailed after it was uncovered that he posed as a veterinarian so he could torture people’s pets, Daily Mail reports.

Investigators believe that Wells inflicted excruciating pain on animals he promised to treat. Wells, who is not a registered veterinarian with the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons, reportedly took in client’s pets, medicated them with mixtures of various, unknown drugs and “delighted in seeing animal innards”.

Wells is believed to have operated across the country, according to Hull Daily Mail. He was sentenced to 19 months in prison for posing as a vet and is prohibited to handle animals for seven years. Jayson Wells had been released from prison on August 2012 for similar offenses, but continued to inflict cruel acts on animals.

According to prosecutor Edward Bindloss, Wells was able to con many people into thinking he was a legitimate veterinarian. As a result, many animals who underwent his “care” were tortured through botched operations and had to be put down. Bindloss said:

“In reality, he was not registered to practise as a vet. He had no qualifications but he told her he wanted to expand into the field of domestic animals.”

Wells was even able to befriend Mary Oglesbee, who ran the animal charity Under The Paw Cat Rescue. After Wells’ sentencing, Oglesbee said:

“He’s evil. He’s absolutely evil. I think he relished the fact that he killed animals. He would come and say he had killed a rabbit.

“He targeted me. He used me. He told me he was a vet. He came with his stethoscope round his neck.”

Bindloss added that Wells would usually brandish his business cards indicating his name and his supposed profession. Wells even went as far as employing a woman who supposedly served as his veterinary nurse, although he never declared formal premises.

Jayson Wells inflicted unimaginable pain to dozens of animals he “treated” during the past months, including a pony which Wells ineptly castrated. The pony was eventually put down.

Another case of Wells’ terrible cruelty was with a cat, who “literally coughed his guts out” after Wells broke a needle inside the feline’s body. According to the cat owner, Wells “seems to delight in what he was doing” as he showed the owner the innards of her own cat.

Jayson Wells’ cruel and fraudulent activities were discovered after one client discovered that he is not registered with the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons.

Police officers are encouraging people to inform their local departments if they have any more information about Jayson Wells’ cruel activities.

[Image from Ben Lack Photography Ltd via Daily Mail]