Mariah Carey Makes Her Own Beverage

Shortly after the release of her new album Me. I Am Mariah… The Elusive Chanteuse, Mariah Carey has announced her own brand of beverage. She’s calling it Butterfly.

According to the LA Times, the official description of the drink is “a melodic beverage inspired by the magic of Mariah Carey.” Butterfly is a pink, non-alcoholic drink that comes in a curvy bottle and is seemingly meant to be sipped from a champagne glass — at least that’s how Mariah Carey drank it at the unveiling of the beverage on Tuesday. The ingredients include water, sugar, sodium benzoate, sucralose, and colorings.

Supposedly, the drink is meant to represent Mariah Carey herself, as if a taste of Butterfly is a flavored sample of her music. Carey described Butterfly as “a whole ‘nother thing,” and claimed that drinking it makes it seem as though Mariah is “in the room with you.”

It’s no secret that Mariah Carey released Butterfly as part of the promotional effort of her new album, which is not getting stellar reviews from music critics. Entertainment Weekly claims that Mariah’s drink isn’t anything to get excited about either, but she seems proud of it anyway. At her media event on Monday, Mariah said, “I don’t want to give away our secrets, darlings, but it’s — everybody else is going to be mad that they didn’t do it first. That’s all I can say.”

Butterfly has been described as “melodic” and “interactive,” but there doesn’t seem to be any surrounding explanations for what that means or how fans could conceivably interact with Mariah’s music through the soft drink. The label of Carey’s beverage provides a relatively abstract description:

“Butterfly gives everyone something new to sing about. Let this melodic blend of sophisticated sweetness lift you to your high notes every day that you pamper yourself with a sip of Butterfly inspired by Mariah Carey.” reviewed Carey’s beverage and said the following:

“It tasted, literally, like liquid sugar-free gummy bears. No joke.… I got that weird blend of sugar and sucralose flavor — you know, the kind when you drink sugar-free drinks. Which I don’t like. At times I also caught weird floral notes — borderline soapy.”

Mariah Carey’s Butterfly will be available at Walgreens stores all over the country, and in all Duane Reade locations in Manhattan. You can watch the press event announcing Mariah’s promotional product at

Will you be trying Butterfly? Or will you stick to Mariah Carey’s music?