Rick Ross Gives Advice On How To Smoke Weed ‘Like A Boss’

Rick Ross recently shared some tips on how folks can smoke pot on a Jedi level.

While the rest of the nation debates whether the recreational use of marijuana is a good thing, the rapper is busy giving pointers on how to get as high as humanly possible. According to the rapper, this involves spending some time in your backyard with a bag of high-grade herb. In short; swag weed smokers need to step up their game.

These pointers arrived courtesy of Rick Ross’ “Ask a Boss” column over at Rolling Stone. Not only did he hand out some advice about getting lifted, he also took a moment to discuss using an iPhone during sex. At least Ross is looking out for us.

When a writer asked Rick about his “Jedi-level” experiences with marijuana, the rapper was quick to offer up some advice. While not everyone has access to swimming pools with water falls, it would seem that Ross is all about getting touch with the outdoors.

He explained:

“There’s only one way to smoke weed like a true boss, man. You have to get the highest-grade weed. When I smoke, I’m usually in my backyard. I hear the waterfall from the swimming pool; I hear my two yachts as they bump against the railings and the water splashes against their bodies; I hear a squirrel chirping from centimeters away. Go get yourself a rocking chair and put it on your front porch, and listen to the breeze, just like the good old days. That’s when you’re smokin’ like a true boss.”

While recreational marijuana use is only legal in certain sections of the country, The Slate firmly believes that it’s really just a matter of time before the rest of the US has access to over-the-counter “Jedi-level” weed. Folks in Alaska and (possibly) Oregon will have an opportunity to cast their votes on the matter this November.

However, people who want to blaze up without breaking law shouldn’t start rejoicing just yet. Drug Policy Alliance head Ethan Nadelmann told the website that there’s still plenty of work ahead before people all over the nation can benefit from Rick Ross’ advice.

“On the one hand we have this extraordinary momentum. On the other, public opinion can be fickle and marijuana is not going to legalize itself,” Nadelmann explained.

For now, people outside of Colorado should probably take Rick Ross’ advice with caution. After all, he probably won’t bail you out should the police come knocking.

[Image via The Koalition]