Adorable Identity Crisis: You Won’t Believe What Animal This 1200 Pound Cow Thinks She Really Is

While it can sometimes be fun thinking about what it would be like to be someone or something else, this 1,200 pound cow named Milkshake is taking it very seriously.

Rescued from an animal hoarder who abused and neglected her along with 50 other animals, Milkshake has taken it upon herself to assume the mentality of a dog in one the most adorable cases of an identity crisis that we’ve ever seen.

According to Buzz60, trapped in a 10×10 enclosure from the time she was 2 weeks old, this cow turned dog is now able to live a free life on a farm and has taken to her mother in a special way that is usually only seen in a bond between a canine and its owner.

Following her mother everywhere, Milkshake shows all the same characteristics of her Terrier best friend in every way. She goes crazy when her owner returns home by mooing and jumping, loves to have her chin scratched and here’s the kicker — she deplores the taste of grass and only wants to eat dog food!

This special bond that is anything but normal is incredible to see as this formerly abused animal has found exactly what makes her happy and is now living a life of complete and (forgive the pun, but I have to do it) utter joy.

What do you think of this cow turned dog named Milkshake?