Zelda Wii U: Where Does It Fall On The Timeline?

Nintendo made every Zelda fan excited today when they showed off some gorgeous footage from the upcoming Zelda Wii U release (2015). The most impressive aspect - the one that has everyone talking - is the addition of an open world that the player can explore freely (a la Skyrim). The large world building of this latest Zelda game reminds us of the first Legend Of Zelda back in '86. And the art style feels like a mix between Wind Waker and Skyward Sword. So what does that mean for timeline speculation?

Earlier today, Zelda Dungeon posted a great frame-by-frame analysis of the trailer that examined some great points. Here's what we know: There's an open world. There's a Link, and Epona, and a bow, and enemies. And woods.

Then when we examine the details, it's easy to notice that Link's blue tunic is eerily reminiscent to Link's Wind Waker tunic, which could be a hand-me-down from an earlier generation, one who founded and settled the new Hyrule of Sprit Tracks. That would make this game the furthest down on the timeline started by Wind Waker. It would mean this open world is actually the prosperous, new Hyrule, one that is lush and green and long past Wind Waker's oceanic days. (The overall technology in this teaser also seemed very advanced, possibly hinting at a more developed and modern society, and therefore the latest on the timeline.)

Zelda Wii U cap

Also, the big map raises a whole slew of possibilities – why would Nintendo want a big, sprawling map, besides the fact that it looks great? What in Zelda's history could grant the need for a large setting? Perhaps a war? How incredible would it be to see a Hyrulean war played out in game, instead of only being told about it in backstory, in the "Legend" part of Zelda – but instead to see that legend unfolding in a big, sprawling way? Has Nintendo always desired a massive map because they always wanted to be able to set the scene for an epic war, and now, with the Wii U, they finally can?

Obviously, the speculation on this new Zelda title is endless, with hundreds of possible theories. But if the endless amounts of possibility don't make you excited for this game, then perhaps nothing will.

Image via Zelda Universe