WWE News: Ric Flair Is ‘Medically Healthy’ But Will He Return To Fight In WWE? 

It seems there’s no shortage of rumors when it comes to whether or not Ric Flair will make a comeback and fight in the WWE again.

We already know that officially Flair signed a new contract with the WWE four months ago. However, since then things have gone very quiet and he has barely been seen or heard from.

Sure, he has spent a bunch of time promoting his daughter, Charlotte, on NXT, as well as his endorsement of The Shield a few weeks back, but there’s still no confirmation as to whether he will ever wrestle again.

The WWE sent Ric Flair for a number of medical tests as reported by PWInsider:

“We noted before that Ric Flair finally went to Pittsburgh for the medical tests that are required before he can return to WWE as a regular TV character again. Word just came in that Flair passed those tests so he should be back on TV soon.”

flair is healthy at 65

Regardless of his business considerations, for Flair, at the age of 65, it is a relief that all the tests came back clear, and according to doctors, he’s “good-to-go.” After all, 40 years of wrestling takes its toll on a man, so a diagnosis of good health is great news.

Realistically speaking, there seems to be little chance that Ric Flair will actually return to fight in the ring, but as you all know, it’s best to “never-say-never” in the world of WWE.

However, it is more likely that we will be seeing him take a more managerial role ringside.

Rumors also abound regarding whom Flair might manage on his return. Could it be he’ll opt to manage Seth Rollins, who is now closely aligned with Triple H and Randy Orton, possibly as a prelude to some form of Evolution 2.0?

Then again, the WWE seems to be planning some kind of revival for Flair and The Miz, even though the “Nature boy” has said he’d prefer to work with Dolph Ziggler.

Of course, you’ll have to draw your own conclusions as to what form Ric Flair’s comeback to WWE will take. Who would you like to see him team up with when he returns? Share your thoughts with us in the comments feed provided below.