This Pet Pig Does A Lot More Than Oink; He Save Lives!

Luck is no accident! And the fact that a pet pig named Lucky saved his Mount Caramel, Illinois family from a fire – that’s probably no accident, either!

Meet Lucky, an adorable little pet pig who, upon detecting a fire raging in his family’s home around 4:40 am, started squealing and running back and forth from his owner’s bed to the door, as homeowner Ina Farler explained to WFIE-TV:

“He started screaming. He would jump down, run to the door and then jump back up on the bed and hit me really hard.”

This prompted Ina to hop out of bed and survey the situation. She noticed an abundance of heat and smoke. Without a moment to lose, she rushed her grandchildren (and of course Lucky) out of the house through a bedroom window and called up the Mount Caramel Fire Department.

Firefighters were unfortunately unable to salvage much, but at least Ina and her kids made it out alive – all because of Lucky, the extraordinarily lucky (and super bright) pet pig! The family is currently lodging at a pig-friendly hotel as they figure out what to do next.

So who exactly is this amazingly heroic pig?

The Farler family adopted him back in February because, as Ina told WFIE-TV, pigs “make great pets”:

“…[T]hey’re easy to potty train. He was potty trained in a days time. And they’re loving. They can be very protective actually. He loves my grandkids to death.”

You know what? We believe her! And the truth is that Lucky is not the first pet pig to play the role of life-saving firefighter. Back in October 2012, a fire erupted in the New Hampshire animal farm where Gumbo the cat lived. He lost many of his friends, but managed to barely escape alive by fleeing the scene. Things were not looking good for the badly injured 2-day missing cat, that is until Miss Colby the pet pig decided to get in on the search effect. Lo and behold, Miss Colby helped the farm owners find Gumbo, who has since recovered, reports ABC News.

Impressed? You ain’t heard anything yet! Go back to August 4, 1998, when pet-pig owner Jo Ann Altsman suffered a devastating heart attack while on sabbatical on Lake Erie. How did her pet pig Lulu respond? She rushed out of the home, found a nearby road and laid down right in the middle of traffic. This prompted a driver to get out of his car and follow her right back to Jo Ann.

Amazing, right? So remember, folks: If you are looking for a life-saving pet, you might want to consider getting yourself a pet pig!

Images via [Google Images]