Jennifer Lawrence Engaged? Nicholas Hoult Pops Question, Is She Moving To London?

Jennifer Lawrence is reportedly engaged, after she accepted Nicholas Hoult's marriage proposal.

Rumors have started to circulate that the two X-Men: First Class actors, who have dated for around 3 years, are now engaged after it emerged that Hoult recently bought a house in North London and she was spotted wearing an engagement ring.

It's even been speculated that the couple might be moving to the United Kingdom, which, if true, could hinder Lawrence's spectacular acting career.

People have started to suggest that Hoult and Lawrence are engaged after she was seen wearing a ring on her engagement finger. As a bona-fide member of the Hollywood elite, Lawrence is photographed everywhere she goes, so she would have been fully aware that putting a ring on that specific finger would only exacerbate rumors that Hoult had popped the question.

Hollywood Life previously wrote about their possible engagement:

"The Hunger Games actress had a turquoise, heart-shaped ring shining on her engagement finger, causing rumors to erupt that she was engaged. Despite it not being a diamond, Jennifer chose to wear it on that special finger, and we wouldn't be at all surprised if Nicholas chose a unique engagement ring like this one for the quirky star."
However, a source told the same publication just over a month ago that Lawrence and Hoult were not actually engaged, and she only put the ring on that finger because that's the only digit it fits on.

Lawrence and Hoult originally met on the set of X-Men: First Class back in 2011. They did take a brief break from their relationship for six months in 2013 after their schedules wrecked their attempts to become closer, but they reconciled when X-Men: Days Of Future Past was shot.

In the past, Lawrence made it clear that she wouldn't be averse to moving to England. She is believed to have fallen in love with the country after she spent the 2013 Christmas holiday there, rather than in her hometown of Louisville, Kentucky, and she was even spotted spending time in one of Hoult's local pubs in Hampshire.

Meanwhile, it was announced that Lawrence is set to work alongside director David O. Russell once again in Joy, which is scheduled for release on Christmas Day 2015. Lawrence won the 2012 Best Actress Academy Award for Silver Linings Playbook, and she was nominated again in 2013 for American Hustle, both of which were directed by Russell.

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