April 16, 2017
'Transformers 4' TV Spot Delivers 'Judgement' [Video]

The latest Transformers 4 TV spot is here to deliver judgment in the "age of extinction," and it's definitely a Michael Bay film again. Explosions are everywhere, slow motion abounds, and the robots are all over the top and ready to destroy yet another city.

Unfortunately the official title of the video is a typo.

The original Transformers movie from Michael Bay was a ground-breaking film which changed the action film rules with its crisp visuals and overall style. Critics who didn't love it were at least indifferent. The second film was what buried the series with its plethora of sex jokes, stereotypes, and lack of any coherent storyline.

Dark of the Moon brought the series back by taking out most of the offensive humor and giving it an actual storyline again, but Shia LaBeouf and another round of poor character development kept it down.

Michael Bay is probably hoping that the latest Transformers 4 TV spot will help bring our confidence back that the Age of Extinction will be worth sitting through. Ditching the original cast, Mark Wahlberg now headlines what could be a more intelligent story, though new girl Nicola Peltz looks almost unsettlingly like Rosie Huntington-Whiteley from the last one.

Previously not wanting to include the Dinobots in a film because he felt they didn't have enough character, Bay has finally given in and basically delivered the mechanical version of Godzilla alongside some other familiar "faces" given new names (sounding a lot like the Constructicons from Revenge of the Fallen).

Possibly hoping to cash in on Arnold Schwarzenegger's iconic film role, this TV spot focuses on the idea of Armageddon, or "judgment day." Humans and Autobots are all being targeted as a new menace arrives seemingly from space, while Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Grimlock, and friends are set to join the humans in what could be a last stand.

Though the new Transformers 4 TV spot doesn't really give us anything we didn't know already, it appears to be taking a darker route than previous films. We hope the typo in the name of the video isn't an indication of the film's quality.

Will you catch Transformers: Age of Extinction when it hits theaters at the end of this month?

[image via hdwallpapers]