Xbox One Price Drop Is Finally Here: Is Microsoft Catching Up With Sony?

The Xbox One price drop is finally here, and though it might not be enough to bring Microsoft ahead of Sony this year, it could certainly be a turning point. The Xbox One vs PS4 console war has been a fierce one, and until now it seems Microsoft was doing all of the work bringing themselves down.

Things have apparently changed in the past year, and Microsoft could be seeing their sales boosted now.

If Microsoft would simply go a step further and let gamers use multiplayer aspects of their games for free, Xbox One owners could be much happier. Integration with the Xbox One Kinect was awesome in concept, but like some recently lifted Xbox Live restrictions, it was only holding the console back.

Dropping the Kinect from the bundle was how Microsoft managed the Xbox One price drop to $400, leveling the playing field with the PlayStation 4. Considering the investment Microsoft put into perfecting the Kinect sensor, this is a major gamble for them. If the price was what held gamers back from buying an Xbone, this could easily open the floodgates and give Microsoft its first win in the PS4 vs Xbox One console war.

Technically the Kinect was a big failure. Though it supposedly made it easier to use the next gen console, it had never become the hands-free controller that Microsoft wanted it to be. Nearly every game made for the Kinect has been a disappointing and often forgotten entry in the market, and it was practically a paperweight keeping the Xbone on the shelves at retail.

Nobody wants to pay an extra $100 for a peripheral that only seems to get in the way of everything.

What do you think? Will the Xbox One price drop without the Kinect be what Microsoft needed to really compete with the PlayStation 4, or will it continue to maintain the Xbone image?

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