Friends of Singer Say Mick Jagger’s Mystery Woman Was A “Fling”

Mick Jagger seems to be losing no time getting back on his feet again after the death of his recent partner. The 70-year-old Rolling Stones singer was photographed with a mystery woman in Zurich just last weekend. According to The Sun, Mick Jagger picked up the mystery brunette in a nightclub while the Rolling Stones were on tour in Switzerland. The New York Daily News has the photos.

Mick Jagger’s mystery woman, and their weekend fling, surfaced just 11 weeks after the suicide of L’Wren Scott (49), Jagger’s partner of 13 years. (See Inquisitr’s original coverage of L’Wren Scott’s death here and here.)

The Dhaka Tribune reports that rocker and the mystery woman were known to be sharing a hotel room for most of Saturday and Sunday, but that they only emerged onto the balcony, where they were photographed by passers-by, on the final day of their tryst.

The photographs reignited the anger of Shane Scott, the late L’Wren’s sister, who had been dis-invited from her sister’s Los Angeles memorial service over her clashes with Mick Jagger. Speaking from her home in Sandy, Utah, she said:

“These pictures make me really wonder what Mick is really thinking and feeling. His daughter says that he is still heartbroken and so devastated about losing my sister — and then you see these photos. He will never change.

“And people wonder why L’Wren was so depressed?”

A source described by TVNZ as a “close pal” of Jagger’s spoke up in his defense, claiming that the photographs document nothing more than a “fling.” The source’s exact words were:

“Of course Mick is still sad over L’Wren but he is working through it and trying to move on with his life. Yes, he had a fling – he’s a red-blooded man for goodness sake. But it’s nice to see him enjoying life again. He’s on the mend.”

The same source was quick to point out that despite Mick Jagger’s weekend with this mystery woman, he is still reeling from the loss of his long-time partner. The newly resumed tour has cut “Paint It Black” from set lists, as its lyrics vividly describe a funeral scene, and Jagger’s “close pal” has this to say about the change:

“The lyrics are very personal to Mick and he didn’t feel comfortable singing them so soon after L’Wren’s death.”

The mystery woman isn’t the only brunette the singer’s been photographed with, though. Just a few days after the balcony pictures in Zurich were taken, Israeli model Noa Tishby posted a photograph of herself with the singer to her Instagram account.

[instagram url= width=409]

In the attached note, the model thanked Jagger for his time and energy, and for “showing us all how to rock it like a legend.”

No further information has surfaced regarding the Rolling Stones singer and the Israeli model, but since the Instagram photo surfaced in short order after the “mystery woman” controversy, it has been swept up in the wake of Jagger’s earlier controversy.

[Image Via Wikimedia Commons]