Mariah Carey And Other Celebrities Are Going Underground, The Reason Is Practical, But Results Are Hilarious

Celebrities honestly prefer not to step out of their luxury and protected modes of transport when moving between their temporary abodes and performance venues. But latel,y a trend carried forward by pop sensation Mariah Carey clearly implies that celebrities too wish to sometimes lead a normal live and be practical instead of pompous.

No one must have heard or believed “Celebrities are people just like us.” But when it comes to zipping across the always bustling New York City, perhaps it is best if these celebrities go underground. Many of the celebrities who visit the Big Apple are eager to show off their regular side. Perhaps New York offers them the freedom to act like regular citizens of the world. Hence it is on their top to-do list: To ride the world famous subway system as ordinary citizens.

Mariah Carey might be the latest celebrity to have taken the subway, but many celebrities from Rihanna to the Kardashian sisters to hometown hero Jay Z have had their fun acting like routine commuters traveling to and from their destinations. Needless to say, their inability to stay normal has been very apparent and almost all of them appeared to be a fish out of the water, reported Hollywood Life.

Singing sensation Mariah Carey recently proved this trend is alive by riding on a subway. The singer was headed to the Air Fresh Fund Gala on May 29 when she decided to skip the chauffeur and instead paid $2.50 for a subway ride. But, glamour girl that she is, Mariah decided to travel in a glitzy blue gown and sunglasses. It must have been quite a sight to see Mariah Carey waiting on the platform and then riding the train!

Mariah’s justification for the ride, “I figured since I’m under-dressed, we might as well take the subway”.

This just might be the understatement of the year as Mariah was all glitters, but it sure did paint a very contrasting picture: Mariah sitting on the dingy yellow seats of an NYC metro train. In her defense, Mariah recently took her kids to the park, wearing an Atelier Versace, all–white mermaid-style, tight-fitting, ball-gown.

Though Mariah did act normal, the other celebrities made quite a show of riding the subway. Flamboyant Kardashian sisters Kim and Kourtney took the mandatory selfies to show the world they are as normal as it could get. Perhaps the showmanship never ends.

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