Who Wears A Full-Length Ball Gown To The Playground? Mariah Carey, Of Course!

Singer Mariah Carey recently took her twin kids to a local park. While there is nothing noteworthy about the act, Mariah managed to make the event exceptionally special and rather uncomfortable for herself, by wearing a dazzling full–length ball gown.

Clearly, superstar Mariah Carey even dresses up, for a simple park play date. The stylish singer perhaps forgot where she was headed by choosing to dress as if ready to walk down a red carpet, instead of taking her kids to a playground. Though she spent a lot of quality time with her twins Moroccan and Monroe, Mariah successfully managed to visibly stand out from the rest of the moms and perhaps not in a good way.

Mariah Carey chose an Atelier Versace, all–white mermaid-style, tight-fitting, possibly sparkly ball gown, reported The Stir. Defying common dictum of wearing loose fitting clothes like jeans and a T-shirt or a loose maxi dress and flip-flops to a park, Mariah had to go out and choose what can surely be described as an outlandish dress which was surely not meant to push two kids on the swings. You can easily assume that the yoga-pants-loving moms would have either been extremely jealous or would have enjoyed themselves thoroughly as the full–length ball–gown doesn’t seem built for a day in the park, let alone spend quality time with two active toddlers.

The R&B diva was spotted with her 3-year-olds at a local playground near the family’s New York home on Monday, reported SFGate. What baffles the mind is why does Mariah Carey think an all–white floor-length, fishtailed ball gown is an appropriate wear to treat the kids with a day at the park?

As if the visual spectacle wasn’t outrageous enough, Carey went ahead and posted a photo of herself pushing her kids on the swings, with the caption, “sinking into the rubber mats … lol (laugh out loud)”, referring to the high heels which weren’t quite appropriate for the protective floor covering underneath the swing set.

Mariah Carey Made Some 'New Friends' At The Park
Mariah Carey Made Some ‘New Friends’ At The Park

Thereafter Mariah even posed with a couple of moms and their kids who were also enjoying a day at the park. Mariah referred to these moms as her “new friends” in another picture posted on the photo sharing app.

Mariah Carey Recently Took A Subway Ride Wearing a Mesmerizing Gown
Mariah Carey Recently Took A Subway Ride Wearing a Mesmerizing Gown

Apparently such antics by Mariah Carey have now become a norm. A few days ago, Mariah ditched her usual luxury transport, walked and subsequently took a subway ride home in New York. Coincidentally, even this time she was wearing a full–length gown. Such incidents beg to ask the question; what is Mariah Carey thinking?

[Image Credit | The Gloss, SFGate]