Mariah Carey Is Still Not Normal As She Takes The NYC Subway

Mariah Carey doesn’t live a normal life that’s on par with her fans. A sometimes-resident New Yorker Carey has always been open about her lavish lifestyle as soon as she made enough to support it. At one point her New York City penthouse was even featured on the MTV series Cribs. That said, New Yorkers had the shock of a lifetime when they saw the pop diva gallivanting around the city and taking the subway.

On Thursday night Carey decided to have a real New York nightlife experience like anyone else, just with the extra bonus of a security detail following her around. After the singer finished promoting her fourteenth studio album at the Fresh Air Fund gala, she and her friend Jermaine Dupri decided to take a cab and hop on the 1 train. We’re not sure where they were off to or why they decided to take the MTA but it was fabulous.

Mariah Carey boarded the 1 train like no one else could, in shades, but certainly not incognito, Carey wore a blue glitzy dress with a plunging neckline for mega cleavage. It’s safe to say anyone who was riding with her on the train got an eyeful whether they wanted to or not. Of course since it’s Mariah Carey her trip on the train and general gallivanting around the city was all captured on social media in various forms.

Mariah started it all off by tweeting about her trip:

Carey also tweeted out an Instagram photo with a caption that said:

Mariah Carey train ride

A cab ride isn’t complete without a fan admiring her in a Vine video:

In this video Carey is uncharacteristically self-aware as she said, “I figured since I’m under dressed we might as well take the subway.”

During her walk to the subway the singer proves that she isn’t exactly normal because if a regular pedestrian attempted to dance in the middle of a large intersection, they wouldn’t have lived to post a Vine about it:

Here she is making her grand entrance into the subway station. Carey carefully walks down the steps noting that her shoes aren’t the best for the subway.

Only Mariah Carey can block off Times Square and look fabulous while doing it:

Looks like Mariah Carey conquered the MTA. If only the rest of us could be so lucky.

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