Dear Kitten: Super-Cute Cat Commercial Will Crack You Up, It Doesn’t Even Matter What It’s Selling

“Dear Kitten,” a brilliant new advertisement that feels more like a hysterically funny short film, already some Twitter users calling it the greatest commercial ever. Okay, so Twitter users are given to a touch of hyperbole every so often. But if this commercial isn’t the greatest ever, well, we rank it as an instant classic at the very least.

And we’re not alone. released by pet food mega-manufacturer Purina on Thursday, “Dear Kitten” has already rolled up about 2.4 million YouTube views and spawned its own Twitter hashtag, #dearkitten. If you haven’t seen the video, watch it, above, and you’ll understand why.

If you have seen it, you’ll want to watch it again — maybe even non-cat-people will appreciate this clever slice of wry humor. But if you are a cat person, or have ever served as human companion to a fine feline friend, you’ll appreciate this one.

The premise is pretty simple. There’s a new kitten in the house, and the older cat in residence wants to impart its wisdom to the younger kitty, to make its transition to its new home just a bit easier.

The narration is performed by online comedian and artist Hosea Jan “Ze” Frank, who became internet-famous more than a decade ago when his personal site won a Webby Award and was featured in a Time Magazine list of the “50 Coolest Websites.” Frank now serves as an executive vice president at the site Buzzfeed.

In this video, the elder cat — voiced by Ze Frank — warns the new kitten of the unsavoriness of dry cat food (“they’re training us to be astronauts”) and of the dreaded monster “Vah-KOOM” who eats and screams at the same time.

Check out the video and see if this isn’t the best cat commercial you’ve ever seen. We’re pretty sure you’ll want to watch it more than once.