Did Obama Really Chew Gum During The D-Day Ceremony? Twitter Thinks So

Robert Jonathan

Did President Barack Obama chew gum during yesterday's solemn anniversary commemoration of the D-Day invasion in Normandy?

"Gum-gate" maybe?

Some Twitter users in France and here in the States seem to think so.

Politico reports that "Some French viewers and critics on the right slammed President Barack Obama on Twitter for a lapse in etiquette after the president could be seen chewing gum at Friday's ceremony in France honoring the 70th anniversary of D-Day." Apparently the president was shown on TV chewing gum just as Queen Elizabeth II was being introduced.

According to a translation of several of the tweets, some French viewers of the ceremony were less than impressed with the president's decorum. Representative tweets include that "Barack Obama and his chewing gum disgust me. What a lack of respect; it's revolting," "Barack Obama with his chewing gum; he respects nothing. He's funny, this guy," "It's a D-Day Commemoration, and journalists are talking about Obama's chewing gum," and "Obama, didn't your mother ever teach you not to chew gum when you're on TV?"

The American Thinker suggested that the president might have been chewing Nicorette to avoid the craving to light up a cigarette, but took a very harsh view of the whole incident:

"But really, couldn't he fight off the urge some other way? For two hours? To honor the dead and respect the solemnity of the occasion? Does he have any idea how it looks for the president of the United States to be chomping away like a two-bit pool hall hustler while the audience, world leaders, and even the media act respectfully and recognize the gravity of the event?"

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