Mom Dies In Car Wreck, Thieves Steal Groceries From Vehicle While Kids Still Inside

A Houston woman tragically died in a car wreck, and some bystanders moments later were apparently more interested in the groceries in the front seat than her condition or that of her two young kids.

Behind the wheel of a Toyota 4Runner SUV, the woman apparently collided with a Mercedes and the smashed into a tree; she was pronounced dead on the scene from the impact.

Before first responders even had a chance to get to the accident scene on Thursday, looters allegedly helped themselves to her family supermarket purchases, eyewitnesses told police, according to KTRK, the ABC News Houston affiliate.

The deceased mom’s two sons, ages 4 and 6, were in the SUV’s backseat when the accident happened. EMTs rushed the kids to the hospital with broken bones but fortunately their injuries were not life threatening. While they reportedly were not in car seats, the children were wearing seat belts, although their mother wasn’t, according to authorities. Police also evidently determined that the tragic accident was her fault. The Mercedes driver was uninjured and was released after speaking with investigators.

Tragically, the woman, 23, was returning from a graduation ceremony held at the older son’s elementary school.

Onlookers to the post-accident theft said “You see the person dead. How do you feel taking the person’s groceries?” and “It’s unbelievable, I have never heard of such a thing.” Another witness declared that “Why would you take somebody’s stuff who got hit by a car? That’s crazy, that’s mean.” A person on the scene added that “I just feel sorry for the children in the vehicle, little kids. The kids are innocent.”

At least one witness, however, disputed the claim of groceries being stolen from the wrecked SUV.

Houston police have yet to make any arrests in the grocery theft although criminal charges are possible if they can identify and track down suspects.