Burger King Japan Dares Customers To Eat Seven Whoppers In 30 Minute Contest

Burger King Japan has posed a challenge for those who crave its famous Whopper burgers. On June 19, the Roppongi Burger King will hold a contest daring hungry people to eat seven of its famous Whoppers in 30 minutes or less for a grand prize.

This mouth-watering Burger King dare will celebrate the 60th Anniversary “B”iKing Battle, according to RocketNews24. The Japanese word baikingu means “smorgasbord” or “all-you-can-eat buffet” style of eating, and therefore reflects on the title of the battle with some wordplay.

Not just anyone can compete in this extreme challenge. Would-be contestants must first fill out an application to be entered into a drawing. Applications will be accepted until June 12 at midnight, according to Burger King Japan.

Only after the drawing will applicants know if they will have the privilege to overindulge in Burger King Whoppers to be eligible to win a month’s worth of Whoppers.

There are several requirements that applicants must meet. First, applicants must be able to find and fund their own transportation to get to the Roppongi Burger King on June 19, 2014. They need to be confident that they can eat at least six of the seven burgers in half an hour or less. Applicants must also be a member of the Burger King fan club or subscriber to Burger King’s email magazine. Finally, applicants must be prepared to give Burger King Japan permission to use their experiences in the contest, in the form of photos, videos, and names, to use as promotional material.

The Roppongi Burger King releases itself from responsibility of its contestants’ health consequences after eating nearly thousands of calories in a small amount of time.

Burger King Japan applicants for the 60th Anniversary “B”iKing Battle are willing to risk unpleasant symptoms in order to have a chance at a little fame and fortune in the way of a month’s supply of Burger King Whoppers.

According to NineMSN, the stomach is about the size of a fist and can expand to three times its original size. When a person overeats, they may need to be prepared for nausea, heartburn, or belching. An overall feeling of discomfort is common among those who stuff themselves full of food, especially within a short amount of time.

It is usually recommended that people wait at least 20 minutes before deciding to go back for seconds in a meal, but the contestants in the Burger King Contest will have no time to lose as they eat one Whopper after another to prove that they have what it takes to win a month’s supply of Burger King Whoppers.