Jenny McCarthy Tweets Picture Of Former 211Lbs Pregnant Body

Jenny McCarthy on Friday stunned many of her fans when the former Playboy model tweeted a 2002 picture of herself at 211lbs. The larger than normal Jenny was pregnant at the time and she wanted to prove to disbelievers that she was much bigger than her current 24-inch waist and 120lbs.

McCarthy tweeted:

“For anyone who doubted my 211lbs at pregnancy here is a photo i found! Meaty meaty ass! Whoa!”

Jenny delivered her son Evan Joseph on May 11, 2002 with then-husband director John Malory Asher.

McCarthy then lost 90lbs almost immediately, a significant drop for the model/actress and her 5 foot 7 frame, she then appeared in Scary Movie 3 just several months later.

I honestly didn’t recognize McCarthy in the photo, she was just 29 years old at the time.

Here’s Jenny during an October 2010 appearance on Chelsea Lately, notice the difference in size compared to her tweeted pregnancy photo:

McCarthy has been busy since her 2002 pregnancy, giving birth to her son who was born with autism while championing research and understanding into his disability, dating Jim Carrey who she broke up with in 2010 after five years of dating and writing several well received books about parenting and adulthood.

Perhaps she lost all that weight thanks to her incredibly busy schedule which has also included dozens of movies and TV appearances since her 2002 birth, including a six episode role on Two and a Half Men opposite Charlie Sheen.