Pet Cats And Dogs Will Make You Go 'AWWWWW' With Their Big Cute Eyes [VIDEO]

Pet cats and dogs will always have a special place in most people's hearts, especially for those who see them as their "children" or "babies." Just like a parent's child, pets, primarily cats, have a unique technique of getting their way: making big cute eyes. And for some people it works.

Tiger FunnyWorks is known on YouTube for their pet cat and dog collaboration videos. We here at The Inquisitr recognized this and even reported how cats and dogs meeting babies for the first time is simply adorable. In this video, however, it should be evident that many of the cat and dog breeds are known for having big cute eyes. Even the website a2z Pets Info listed the breeds of cats that already have big round eyes, thus making it easier for them to look like Puss in Boots from Shrek 2.

On a more evident note, the big eyes pet cats and dogs show is related to attention-seeking behavior, according to PetPlace. Why cats and dogs utilize such an adorable face has its specific reasons. The most common reason may be simple vanity. Pets love attention, especially if it makes them feel loved. On the other hand, it could mean other things of a more serious matter. This may include sicknesses or suffering. Another reason pets may show off the big beautiful eyes is because they know how their masters are feeling. Sometimes the eyes may not be utilized because they want attention, but that pet cats and dogs are genuinely sad for their owners. This is usually accompanied by soft meows from cats and whimpering from dogs.

Nevertheless of what the reason may be, pet cats and dogs expressing adorably large eyes just touches that soft spot most pet owners have. I myself have owned a couple of kittens that knew how to utilize this facial expression simply as a means for telling me to feed them a treat. Apparently, it works because I always obliged, ergo I am sure big eyes on these furry cuties may work on you too, especially if you watch the video embedded above.

[Image via Screencap of Shrek 2]